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b. Cumbria, UK 1987. Now lives and works in London.


Sarah Tew's interdisciplinary practice straddles mediums such as painting, installation and photography. Her ongoing devoted relationship to the abundance of nature and its uncertainty allows Sarah to explore in situ experiments which are in flux. 

Her work is held in the University of the Arts London Collection, Art Gazette and private collections in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.


Darkness Ain't that Bad, At Least I'm Doing a Job, Anthology by Chateau International, 2018

Savage Journal: Issue 7/ Territories, Spring 2018


The Journal of Wild Culture, Tom Jeffreys, January 2013

Sarah Tew, Work in Progress at La Scatola Gallery, Blunt Films, January 2011


Cumbria Life, February 2010

BBC Radio Cumbria, January 2010

The Cumberland News, February 2010

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